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About Company

The founder of [Wee Keong Cranes & Trading Sdn Bhd], Mr.Khoo Kim Lai believes that cranes are the lifeblood of engineering, construction and loading workers are the biggest assets of the factory.

The founder Mr. Khoo, started from scratch and did not give up his passion for machinery because of his poverty. At the age of 18, he saw a majestic crane on the construction site accidentally, and felt its “magnificence”. Then, he decided to put himself into the crane industry by this “prestige”. From an “auto mechanic” to a “crane owner” then “partner” and lastly become an “independent enterprise founder” of [Wee Keong Cranes & Trading Sdn Bhd].

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We provide mobile cranes ranging from 7 tons to 500 tons. A mobile crane is the most standard and versatile type of crane and consists of steel truss or telescopic boom mounted on mobile platform. This platform can be mobile wheeled, track-mounted, or even truck mounted.

The boom is hinged at the bottom and can be either raised or lowered by cables or hydraulic cylinders. The outriggers can be extended vertically and horizontally, so it will stable when lifting large loads. These types of cranes are single-engined, which means that the same engine is used to landing gear and the crane.

Common uses of cranes are the construction industry and heavy equipment manufacturing. Cranes are beneficial to project development in the field of construction and engineering.

We provide rough terrain cranes ranging from 25 tones to 70 tons. Rough terrain cranes are mobile cranes designed to operate on several types of ground.

It has a boom mounted on an undercarriage atop four rubber tires that is designed for off-road pick-and-carry operations. These telescopic cranes are single-engine machines, with the same engine powering the undercarriage and the crane, similar to a crawler crane. The engine is usually mounted in the undercarriage rather than in the upper, as with crawler crane. Most have 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering and traversing tighter and slicker titerrain than a standard truck crane, with less site prep.

Via hydraulic booms and cranes, ground cranes in rough terrain that can lift heavy objects to abnormal heights. The rough terrain cranes of Wee Keong Cranes have 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering. which means it has better driving performance in rugged terrain.

We provides a wide range of aerial work platforms with working heights ranging from 20 meters to 88 meters, for customer’s selection during aerial work.

The Truck-mounted Aerial Work Platform’s allow rapid deployment, which makes skylift easy and quick to use aerial hoisting at any height. We usually provide wet hire (with operator) for the skylift.

We have various low/step frame 5-axle trailers in several lengths and weight carrying capacity that intended for transporting oversized cargo.

Cargo transportable by it include timber, construction equipment, construction materials, cars, etc. The low loader is a very heavy-duty trailer with the lowest operating height. making it an extremely professional type of trailer, providing an excellent production line of low-bed trucks and tractors.

Low loaders are used when high, heavy or bulky goods, machines and systems need to be transported. Trailer load height and steering maneuverability are key when using such heavy haulage vehicles.